Save Time & Money by automating your processes and providing ‘On Demand’ information.

Even the smallest lab can find itself inundated with paper records. Formulas, Compliance, Sales, Shipping, Accounting, Human Resources, and other industry specific documents can bog down business practice creating massive and ongoing operational costs. The cost of working with paper will continue to trickle down hindering the quality and service your company is able to provide your clients.

Finding better ways for Nutraceutical companies to reduce operational costs and manage information is the key to a successful and profitable business. Companies today need a paperless environment in order to efficiently and effectively manage information, and compliance without jeopardizing quality and service.

Electronic information should be a corporate priority as it provides a list of benefits that ALL result in time and money savings, improved compliance, and business continuity. No other corporate solution provides as many business improvements as going paperless.

Imaging101 is an affordable solution that easily integrates with most third party software reducing duplicate data entry. Our clients typically scan their records into the system immediately. It takes minutes to identify and store large quantities of records. Electronic documents like Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office, pictures, reports, video, etc are automatically imported into Imaging101 creating a complete file.

Imaging101 complements any paper process offering a money saving method to work with otherwise paper archives and maintain final version documents. With Imaging101 you only require one solution to make your office as paperless as possible – this includes Documentation, Labs, Formulas, Accounting, Billing, Human Resources, Research, etc.

Besides this, most of the new IRS and Government Laws and Regulations are requiring better storage and documentation of all transactions. We at Imaging101 can make this possible very easily for you.

Our Clients can tell you how Imaging101 has saved them time & money.
Don’t just take our word for it read what our clients say. Our existing clients are always excited to talk about how they improved their companies’ performance and profitability. See how they saved on filing cabinets, paper, photocopies, overtime, couriers, off-site storage, wasted time and more.

“It’s really great to be able to research items from my desk while on the phone with a vendor. Also, we’re working with a cost reduction consultant. and instead of having to photocopy stacks of invoices, I was able to email them to the consultant – that saved a lot of time.”
Janee Dodds, Controller – Arnet Pharmaceutical

“Imaging101 has helped us improve our business and reduce costs in every department.”
Alonso Silva, CTO – Arnet Pharmaceutical