Save Time & Money by automating your processes and providing ‘On Demand’ information.

President Obama is pushing to computerize all health records within five years. The quality of health care for all Americans gets a big boost, and costs decline. Dr. David Brailer, former National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, who served as President Bush’s health information czar from 2004 to 2006, says “We must reduce waste to become more efficient”. The savings of such a plan could be substantial. Brailer estimates that a fully computerized health record system could save the industry $200 billion to $300 billion a year.

Finding better ways for Healthcare providers to manage information is the key to providing better services and reducing operational costs. Healthcare facilities today need a paperless environment in order to efficiently and effectively manage information, compliance, and provide better service to their patients.

Imaging101 is an affordable Paperless Medical Office solution that easily integrates with most Medical Office Software reducing duplicate data entry. Our clients typically scan their client medical records into the system immediately. It takes minutes to identify and store large quantities of patient records as opposed to pulling a chart and manually filing. Electronic documents like pictures, labs, and dictations are automatically imported into Imaging101 creating a complete patient file.

Once the medical records are scanned they can be routed to the doctor for review and markup. If no review or markup is required the medical records can be archived into the permanent repository for future retrieval purposes.

Imaging101 complements any paper process within a Medical Office offering a money saving method to work with otherwise paper archives and maintain final version documents. With Imaging101 you only require one solution to make your office as paperless as possible – this includes Medical Records, Accounting, Billing, Human Research, Medical Research, etc.

Besides this, most of the new IRS and Government Laws and Regulations are requiring better storage and documentation of all transactions. We at Imaging101 can make this possible very easily for you.