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Save Time & Money by automating your processes and providing ‘On Demand’ information.


Finding better ways for Manufacturing, Distribution and Wholesale companies to reduce operational costs and manage information is the key to a successful and profitable business. Companies today need a paperless environment in order to efficiently and effectively manage information, and compliance without jeopardizing quality and service to their clients.

The cost benefits are real and measurable. For example; we have a Canadian distribution company with multiple locations throughout Canada that has eliminated ALL of their filing cabinets and massive courier costs to transport paperwork to their corporate office. Their paper processes have been revamped and streamlined into a paperless process immediately reducing operational costs. Most companies save a minimum of 30 minutes – 2 hours per employee per day by not having to look for paper records. Add to that the cost and time savings of not having to make unnecessary photo copies or duplicates. With Imaging101, information is easily emailed, faxed, or printed directly from your desktop. Client satisfaction will also improve by being able to answer questions immediately as a result of having ‘On Demand’ information. Additionally, internal operation costs are reduced and productivity is increased since less time is being spent shuffling through paper and more time is available to do actual work. Valuable office real estate is also reclaimed by getting rid of filling cabinets. The reclaimed space is now used for more productive purposes. 

Imaging101 easily integrates with most third party applications reducing duplicate data entry. Our Manufacturers, Wholesales, and Distribution clients typically begin the conversion to Imaging101 with their Accounts Payable and Shipping documents. Imaging101 complements any paper process offering a money saving method to work with otherwise paper archive and maintain final version documents. This includes not only scanned information but Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office documents, Pictures, video, voice, etc.

Besides this, most of the new IRS and Government Laws and Regulations are requiring better storage and documentation of all transactions. We at Imaging101 can make this possible very easily for you.




Our clients can tell you how Imaging101 has saved them time & money.
Don’t just take our word for it read what our clients say. Our existing clients are always excited to talk about how they improved their companies’ performance and profitability. See how they saved on filing cabinets, paper, photocopies, overtime, couriers, off-site storage, wasted time and more.

“Without Imaging101 it would be like turning off our computers – Imaging101 is the core of our business process”
Richard Gilbert, Reimer Hardwoods Ltd.

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