How We Do It

Capture documents, files and media electronically as soon as they arrive into the company.

Think of Imaging101 as a super-amazing electronic filing cabinet on steroids.

We can help you manage, protect and back-up ALL types of documents, files and media.

Handle data entry from managed electronic images…instead of from paper…and watch your business processes become faster, more accurate and more profitable. 

Instead of simply shoving files into directories or network shares or an electronic filing cabinet AFTER the work has been done…We make it easy to start the process at the front end…where it provides the most value and the highest payback. And we use a database to help you secure and find these documents quickly and in more ways than one. 

You can quickly and easily retrieve, display, add notes, process, route, distribute to other users, email, fax electronically, print or export them. Right from your desktops, smart phones or tablets. On premises or remotely through the Cloud.

Imaging101 enables your company to control access to documents and to automate more of its document workflows. This satisfies a critical need for speedier processing while at the same time providing a means for improved  profitability and regulatory compliance. 

A state of the art, best-of-breed paperless office, document imaging and content management solution…Imaging101 is extremely adaptable and  enables you and your staff to work faster and make business decisions with greater confidence.

We can help get your team up and running quickly so they can focus on what is most important.

Imaging101 is based on Microsoft technologies such as Visual Studio and SQL Server and is designed to work seamlessly, easily and efficiently with the line-of-business systems that your company already uses. Our software is certified to run on every version of Microsoft Windows desktop and server operating systems. Having your information available within seconds, when you need it, is crucial. Time wasted filing, misfiling, searching and shuffling paper is costly and unproductive.