"It's just great to be able to walk down isles without tripping over people, boxes and folders. Looking for files was a full-time job for some of our people."
Hilton Sher
Consolidated Credit Counseling Services

What Imaging 101 does for you and your buisness

A picture of our productImaging101 Inc provides an affordable, yet mighty, set of document imaging solutions and services for your business. We help make customers stronger and more effective. This allows them to solve their most important business challenges, as well as controlling, securing and managing documents and files.

You’ll wonder how you ever worked without it!

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Scan and Store your Paper and Electronic documents. It’s Faster and Easier than filing them into paper folders and filing cabinets.

Getting documents in the hands of the right people at the right time is paramount to efficient and top-performing companies.

Imaging101 Inc has a track record of helping organizations like yours become more effective. This is all thanks to our solutions for document imaging, management, and scanning, as well as electronic document routing.

We are the creator and developer of the Imaging101 Document Imaging/Document Management Platform. It is a complete suite of software modules that provide a solid foundation for the storing and long-term management of our clients’ vital information.

Imaging101 helps manage all manner of things from scanned paper documents to electronic files (Word, Excel, etc.), email and attachments, to multimedia (sound, video, etc.). With our core technology, users can find, access, and organize documents in a quick, easy, and secure fashion.

Clients can combine modules to create the exact, cost-effective solution they need for their issue, such as record management, workflow automation, work process improvement, e-discovery, e-disclosure and so much more.

Bottom line, Imaging101 is a powerful and flexible document scanning, storage, routing and retrieval tool. It provides many advantages over storing images and documents in a directory or CD.


Visual of Imaging 101's architecture

We’ve based Imaging101 on open industry-standard technologies.

Microsoft Windows Desktop Operating Systems  (All Versions)

Microsoft Windows Server Operating Systems  (All Versions)

Windows or Unix File Systems – for Storage Only

Microsoft SQL Server (All Versions)

Stored documents stay in their original format


This module manages the security, user licenses, system activity and other key system functions.


This module allows system administrators to define and manage a number of functions. Examples include applications, search-field names, database lookup tables, drop-down list values, sort orders, and security.

Users can quickly locate and view any document, page or file stored in Imaging101. Searching is easy, flexible and fast. It allows searching by any one, or combination, of the fields defined for each application.

The Imaging101 indexing module has been refreshed and optimized with dozens of features that make it faster and easier to scan, store, retrieve and share paper and electronic documents, than to file them into physical folders and filing cabinets.

Users are able to acquire paper documents, files or data streams (EDI) by either scanning with a wide array of industry standard scanners or easily import document images, electronic office documents or files. The Imaging101 scan module provides an amazing array of functionality. After scanning the “batches” of documents, the client can scan, route, index, re-route, prioritize, monitor and even delete them.

OCR / OMR / BARCODE processing Module

This module allows the client to identify documents quickly and with great accuracy. This module can perform automatic “lookups” from any database to obtain different types of information – like vendor name.

Application Integration Module

This module is a simple, flexible and mighty tool designed to allow quick and tight integration between third party or homegrown Line-of-Business (LOB) applications and the Imaging101 user modules. In other words, it grants any software application “remote control” over the user modules.


A module that can import over 160 types of files such as images scanned with third-party products, Microsoft Office documents, Pictures, PDF files and more.

It can be set to monitor specific fax, directories, user work areas or multi-function fax/print/scan device directories for new files. Once it detects new files, it can import and automatically route them.

Auto-Import can also import files directly to the Imaging101 Archive, without any user input, by sending it a “command” text file with the details of the file’s metadata to use as index values.


A simple, but mighty, utility that provides the ability to automate the Printing, Faxing, Emailing and Exporting of individual, or ranges of, documents via simple text-based command files. A client can generate these command files automatically by a line-of-business application or via manual processes. The Auto-Export runs unattended as an Operating System “Service”.

This utility can be configured to scan multiple directories for “command” files that contain the required request. This is achieved by adding Auto-Export “Profiles”.

These profiles tell the Auto-Export which directories to scan, how often to scan them, and what types of Command Files to look for.

Said profiles can be run either automatically, based on a timer or manually by clicking the [Export Files NOW] button.


This module allows one to bypass the Batch process and file documents directly into the Imaging101 Archive. Documents can be filed in various ways such as:

  • Drag-and-Drop into the Filer floating window
  • Save-As into the users’ Filer “watch” directory
  • Pasting files into the users’ Filer “watch” directory
  • Dragging files into the users’ Filer “watch” directory
  • Right-Click, Send to I101FILER

PRINT to Imaging101

Documents can be printed to any file format such as PDF, XPS, JPG, TIFF, etc. This allows anything that can be printed to be filed, from any application, directly into the Imaging101 Archive.

Full text OCR

This engine and search tool allows a client to search for content in any application. This is an very handy tool for companies that need to be able to search for information and don’t want to rely only on index values.

FIELD Template OCR

Imaging101 has partnered with ABBYY, a leader in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies to provide our clients with one of the most flexible and powerful data extractions from “structured” documents. This allows configuring templates to “pick off” specific fields from documents such as invoices, statements, bills, work orders, purchase orders, etc.

This greatly speeds up the identification of documents. This extracted data can be used for data analysis and sent to the Auto-Import module.

PDF Form integration

Imaging101 has a feature that allows the user to file forms that have been filled out on iPads or Desktops. This provides great flexibility for documents that require user input prior to being filed. Forms can be stored as either in their original “form” state for example to use as a “template” – or as “flattened” copies in “final form” state.

Additional Product Features

The Imaging101 software suite is constantly receiving technology upgrades and features. Among the latest are:

  • New PDF handling engine to enable handling many of the newer PDF formats including PDF Forms.
  • The ability to upload copies of documents to an FTP site upon “committing” documents to Archive.
  • The ability to email documents to Clients based on pre-defined criteria.

Future Products in Planning

We have been working on prototypes for our Web Browser module. This would allow documents to be retrieved via a standard Web Browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.

The prototypes are being made based on the latest Microsoft Visual Studio, ASP.NET, MVC and HTML5 technologies.

We expect this product to be available for use soon.


To use Imaging101, you will need the following:



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