Credit Counseling, Debt Settlement, & Loan Modification

Save Time & Money by automating your processes and providing ‘On Demand’ information.

Imaging101 has done many studies with our existing customers and prospects. We have come to the conclusion that the cost savings and increased productivity of document imaging solution should be considered as a business MUST!

The cost benefits are real and measurable. For example; we have a Credit Counseling Agency that used to spend $300 per week in courier packages from the different offices, today they spend $0 a savings of over $15,000.00 per year. Other clients have been able to reclaim valuable real estate space by getting rid of filling cabinets. The reclaimed space is now used for more productive purposes.

All of our clients have been able to save hundreds of dollars a week just by having their employees save 1 to 2 hours a day not looking for files. Add to that the cost savings looking for lost or misplaced documents. Client and Employee satisfaction will improve 10 fold. Clients receive expedited service due to ‘On Demand Information’ and employees won’t have to stop working to go search for information around the office that might or might not be there.