Document Retrieval

Visual of Imaging 101's search and retrieval modules

Imaging101 is a powerful, flexible document scanning, storage, routing and retrieval software solution.


It makes it faster and easier to scan and store your paper and electronic documents than to file them into paper folders and filing cabinets.


Not only that, but it also makes it easier to find and retrieve the documents for review and modifying, thanks to the Retrieval Search tool.


Our Retrieval Search contains many different search parameters, such as the date the document was made, a client’s number and name, and the document type it was saved under. Thanks to the Retrieval Search, you can lower a large list of potential files into a small handful instead, making finding the one you need to look at all the more easier.


Once your file is found, you can view and edit it as need be. You can highlight important information, black out unneeded information or add an important note. These edits are also not permanently stuck to the page unlike in real life. If you don’t need the edits, you can simply uncheck the annotations box to see the document in its original scanned condition. The edits will still be there, but not visible.


In the end, our Retrieval Search tool saves you time searching for the right document, just like how scanning documents with our product saves you time with filing.