Imaging101 is an extremely powerful, flexible document scanning, document storage, document routing and document retrieval software solution. 

Imaging101 provides many advantages over storing images and documents manually in directories or storing images on CD’s. Imaging101 makes it faster and easier to scan and store your paper and electronic documents than to file them into paper folders and filing cabinets.

Imaging101 Application Architecture Map




Allows system administrators to define and manage Applications, Search-field names, Database lookup tables, Drop-down list values, Sort orders, Security and more.


The Imaging101 Batch control module provides an amazing array of functionality. After “batches” of documents are scanned,  the work can be scanned, routed, indexed, re-routed, prioritized monitored and even deleted. All of this functionality is controlled via the User and Group security module.

Scan / Capture / Import

Imaging101 allows you to acquire paper documents, files or data streams (EDI) by either scanning with a wide array of industry standard scanners or to easily import document images, electronic office documents or files. Scanning parameters can be pre-defined and secured as profiles to ensure consistent results and prevent changes by operators.

Index / Document ID

Quickly and efficiently enter index information (aka “metadata” or “properties”) describing the page, document or file you are storing to make it easier to find and retrieve at a later time. The Imaging101 Indexing module has been optimized with dozens of features that make it faster and easier to scan and store your paper and electronic documents than to file them into traditional folders and filing cabinets.


Allows users to quickly locate and view any document, page or file stored in Imaging101. Searching is easy, flexible and extremely fast. It allows searching by any one or combination of the fields defined for each application in the System Configuration module. Some examples would be searching by Client ID, Vendor # or Social Security # as well as by Document group, Document type, Ranges of dates and more.


A very powerful module that can import over 160 types of files such as images scanned with  third-party products, Microsoft Office documents, PDF files and more. It can be set to monitor specific Fax receive directories, specific User work areas or Multi-function fax/print/scan device directories for new files. Once it detects new files, it can import and automatically route them.

Auto-import can be run manually or it can be set up as an operating system service.  Users with administrative rights can define any number of Automated file import profiles. Simply select a specific directory path, file specification such as *.PDF, how often to run and what Batch Queue, User, Priority and Status to automatically set as default upon import.


The Imaging101 Auto Export is a simple, yet amazing powerful utility that provides the ability to Automate the Printing, Faxing, emailing and Exporting of individual or ranges of documents via simple text-based command files. These command files can be generated automatically by a line-of-business application or via manual processes.


Manages security, user licenses, system activity and other key system functions.