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Remote Backup
If you have ever been tasked with the responsibility of installing, managing, or restoring data then you can relate to problematic nature of tape backups— costly, time consuming, inconvenient, slow restoring, unreliable and usually incomplete!

Imaging101 Remote Backup resolves the inconvenience and unreliability of tape backup and ensures your information is safe and easily accessible anytime. No hardware is required. Implementation is quick and easy and can be configured to backup to a remote location, local drive, or both simultaneously.

Imaging101 Remote Backup has been designed to be highly secure incorporating military grade AES-256 symmetric encryption algorithm. Encrypted information is sent across an authenticated and secure (SSL/TLS) Internet connection to the server, where it is stored encrypted on a RAID-6 array. Hot Backup of Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange, and Outlook are available. Backup jobs for Microsoft SQL/Exchange are now fast, consistent, incremental backups without interruption. Additionally, locked or open files are no longer a problem eliminating the need to ask your users to close Outlook before they leave. Oracle is also supported.

Over 80% of organizations do not have a reliable way to backup and protect one of their most valuable assets – data. Imaging101 Remote Backup provides the easiest, most reliable and safest way to protect your information.


1. Setup Account in Minutes 2. Select the Folders to Backup (Visualize View or Folder View) 3. Schedule the Backup
4. Monitor the Backup Status
5. Easily Restore Data
5. Easily Modify Backup Options  

Imaging101 Remote Backup Pricing
'Basic' Remote Backup - static data
'Select' Remote Backup - dynamic data

$20.00 up to 5 GB monthly
$1.50 per additional GB monthly
$125 one time setup fee

$40.00 up to 5GB monthly
$3.00 per additional GB monthly
$125 one time setup fee

For additional questions
contact us direct at 954-659-3101
or via email at



  • All Harddrives Fail 100% of the time
  • Tape backup setup and procedures are complicated and can interrupt your daily business activities
  • Tape backup media can fail or be misplaced
  • Tape quailty degrades overtime and tapes must be replaced
  • Tape Hardware and Tapes are costly
  • Required transportation of backup media to a remote storage facility

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